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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sauce pan vs. Frying pan

It's time for another round of my cooking stories. I've started a new job and already my cooking skills are legendary. In not a good way.

Okay, Americans, do we know what a sauce pan is?: I was following a NZ recipe for spinach soup and it called for a sauce pan. Now... all I know about pots and pans is there's a frying pan and small pots and big pots.

Frying Pan:

I have no idea what a sauce pan is. BUT, since it had the word "pan" in it, I figured it had to be the frying pan. Maybe they said to put it in the pan because of even heating or something - I don't know, I thought I was following the recipe.

So I cook my spinach soup. Never mind I didn't have a blender to blend my ingredients, I just stirred it by hand for a long time - so long, I think my left arm is a bit stronger than the right. I poured all my ingredients in a bit too enthusiastically, and lo and behold, it spilled over the side and onto the stove, creating a huge cloud of smoke. Thankfully, or unluckily, our fire alarms are either not sensitive enough to pick up the smoke, or they don't work, but I didn't have any alarms going off. Despite this mushroom cloud of smoke.

Anyhoo, I quickly tried to mop up the mess and FINALLY put it into a pot. Or a sauce pan, apparently. Unfortunately, the hijinks didn't end there. I didn't have any bacon to add to the top of our soups. And, as mentioned previously, I didn't have a blender, so we had a mound of extremely stringy spinach soup. Plus, I apparently got the amount of cream wrong (I didn't have a measuring cup at this time). It tasted like we had a bowl of spinach and butter.

I had one bite and that was it. Chris toughed it out for most of it, poor guy.

I haven't made spinach soup yet. But I do know what a sauce pan is now. I think.

I leave you know with a bit of humor. Anyone who hasn't seen or heard of Flight of the Conchords should fix that. right. now. Because they're awesome. And it's business time. Not safe for most work places. I think. I do think that my what's-appropriate meter is a bit off though.

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